Bokura no Yuuki ぼくらの勇気 未満都市

No. of episodes : 10
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Broadcast Period : Fall 1997
Status : Completed Project

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|V|@k!T0 said...

I didn't know this jdrama was being subbed!
Thank you so much for your hard work!
Of course I'm taking :)

arome said...

Yay! I didn't know eternal fansub has a blogspot until today. I love you guys so much for subbing this drama but I haven't been able to comment on your releases through d-addicts because I don't have an account. ^__^ Thanks for this. <333

.:Angelique:. said...

Thanks for subbing this drama ^^

I've uploaded all the raws to megaupload in case you like to publish the links here they are:

# Episode 01:
# Episode 02:
# Episode 03:
# Episode 04:
# Episode 05:
# Episode 06:
# Episode 07:
# Episode 08:
# Episode 09:
# Episode 10:

Eternal Fansubs said...

ohh thank you so much~~~ I'm glad people love this drama as much as I do ^^
I'll post the raws~~ thnx!

aneh said...

Don't we just love Tsuyoshi speaking Kansai-ben? Please let me know if you have the soundtrack as well. The guitar-y OST sounds so cool.

Spiffy said...

Merci for the Raw and de soft sub
I love Tsuyoshi
My friend is translate in frans
Thank you very very much

Misty said...

Thank you! :D

Spiffy said...

[i][b]Sous-titres français[/b] (softsub)[/i]

[color="#9ACD32"][b]>> Traduit par Yuuri[/b][/color]

[url=""][b]Bokura no Yuuki 01[/b][/url]

[url=""][b]Bokura no Yuuki 02[/b][/url]

[url=""][b]Bokura no Yuuki 03[/b][/url]

[url=""][b]Bokura no Yuuki 04[/b][/url]

[url=""][b]Bokura no Yuuki 05[/b][/url]

[url=""][b]Bokura no Yuuki 06[/b][/url]

[color="#9ACD32"][b]>> Traduit par Izumi[/b][/color]

[url=""][b]Bokura no Yuuki 07[/b][/url]

[color="#9ACD32"][b]>> Traduit par YuYu[/b][/color]

[url=""]Bokura no Yuuki 08[/url]

domoto modo chez lets Look

Maria Jose said...

Hi, im thinking about use your Eng subs to make a Spanish version.
Tell me if you have any problem with that, wanna be at credits or not, or anything you want to comment.

Thanks a lot for your work

Eternal Fansubs said...

Well actually we started a spanish version but we dropped. If you want to continue with it, just mail us so we can discuss about it.

Maria Jose said...

I knew it, I got the 3 chapters, but I dont want to bother you too much.
So... I sent you an email.
See ya there!

spiffy said...

[color="#9ACD32"][b]>> Traduit par domoto[/b][/color] as domoto

[url=""][b]Bokura no Yuuki 09[/b][/url]

[color="#9ACD32"][b]>> Traduit par Aura[/b][/color]

[url=""][b]Bokura no Yuuki 10[/b][/url]
les 2 derniers en français

fchaudhry268 said...

thank you so much! i came across a synopsis for this drama and got reeeallly interested. nice to see that its subbed =) i'll be grabbing the raws and softsubs soon~
thanks again!

nur_dalilah27 said...

Thank you for subbing Bokura no Yuuki. Can u post it in mediafire? TQ

Soritt said...

Can I use your engsub to make vietsub ?

[I really wanna try subbing this drama xD]

KIM ANH said...

Thanks a lot for subbing this!!! ^^

And anou... I'm sorry for not asking for permission first, but since I re-uploaded the raw onto MF for my friend, I'd like to share it with anyone in need.

Here goes the link: (folder)
- Please join the files with FFSJ -

Hope this will not mind you. ^^"

Best regards,

Dhiny Puspitasari said...

I just find your MF folder link, and apparently it needs a password..
would mind telling me the password?please?

aonomichimod said...
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aonomichimod said...

Episodes 1-10 re-upped to MEGA!96BjCCyb!4ziST5KZ1WPJlyD5noernQ

Permission granted by
Please check out the site, so many awesome classic dramas!